Festival Performers 2023

Rab McCullough Remembered

Having first met Rab over 30 years ago, every time we met it was always a pleasure. If it was before a gig, he was a great mind settler and gently brought the band along with him ensuring we all played out of our socks! My Kids always looked up to Rab too. Right from a very young age he was there encouraging them and in latter year’s always called them up to join him on stage at his residency in the Belfast Empire. Rab nurtured so many young musicians, encouraging them, building their confidence and giving them that much needed gentle push to carry them forward up to the next level.

Performing at The Blues on The Bay Festival right from its very first year, Rab attracted the crowds wherever he played. Even right into the lock-down situation, Rab agreed to record a song on video which featured on the first virtual Blues on the Bay Festival.

With Rab’s 1st anniversary this May, The Blues on the Bay Festival will now be a gentle annual reminder to me of all the good times that were had when he came to play in Warrenpoint around this time. Rab’s legacy will definitely live on through his loving family Marian, James, Louise and Robert Jr. I am really look forward to listening to all the unreleased live recordings which are currently being recovered from the achieves.

Do visit the new Facebook page which Rab’s Family have created and leave a comment or better still send them any photos, videos or stories of the great man.

I would like to dedicate this year’s festival in memory of the Legend of the Blues ; Robert (Rab) McCullough.

Ian Sands, Festival Organiser