Dec 3, 2020
Blues Podcasts

Bringing The Blues Back Home - Podcast 3rd December 2020

On this weeks Blues on the Bay Show ; Ian Sands from Harbourside Radio looked at the the wealth of blues talent within these shores. Ian brought to the airwaves both the big household blues acts as as well as dipping into the great blues archives. From Moore and Gallagher to Morrison and Greer, don’t miss this weeks great Blues Cornucopia!

Full line-up 3rd December 2020:

Dom Martin

Don Baker

Rob Strong

Ben Reel

Pat McManus

Bap Kennedy

Tony Villiers

Grainne Duffy


Cormac Neeson


Manukahunney Blue

Rev Doc

Amanda St John

Van Morrison

John Spillane

Freedom 35’s

Rory Gallagher

Green Tangerines

Bluez Katz

Allison McGrath

Eric Bell

Ronnie Greer

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Rab McCullough Photo Credit : Terry Hanna

Blues on the Bay 2013 video credit : Gino Lynch

Performance by Courtnay Giffin-Magee.