Sep 1, 2020

2020 Festival Illustration - Michael Gavan Duffy

I paint images that strike a chord with both my emotions and my creativity. The landscape plays a big part in the essence of my work, I grew up in the country and will always have an affinity with green grass and blue skies.

However I firmly believe that the landscape is a living breathing entity that can convey as much emotion and feeling a human being, we are one and the same.I work mostly in acrylic, a medium that suits because of drying times, I tend to work fast and acrylic lends itself admirably to that style.

I would describe myself as a Contemporary Realist, I see what is around me and adapt it to my own personal experiences. My large collection of photographs from my travels around the world are a constant source of reference and inspiration for new and developing work.

One of the most exciting and vibrant landscapes for me to paint is that of Tuscany, Italy. An amazing collection of colours pervades this landscape and I try to interpret what I have seen in my own unique style.

Colour is a language all of it’s own and my mission in art is to communicate through colour. I inject my work with vibrant colour to stimulate and enthral the viewer.

Art is about creating a visual impact and my vision is to have the eye dance around the canvas and become absorbed in the finished work.

I literally want you the viewer to live and breathe the essence of the landscape that I portray in my work.